Souls in Purgatory

The Catholic Church still teaches that Purgatory exists. Purgatory is considered a state of being rather than a place. Purgatory is for those souls ultimately headed to heaven that are need of being made clean before they enter heaven. St. Gertrude has a prayer in which she was told by Jesus in a private revelation that everytime it was said with love and devotion there would be1000 souls released from Purgatory. The prayer is as follows:

Eternal Father, I offer You the most Precious Blood of Your Divine Son, Jesus Christ, in union with the Masses said today, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for sinners everywhere, for sinners in the Universal Church, those in my own home and within my family. Amen

Here is a link to a website that is tracking these prayers. I hope that you would consider helping them accomplish their goal. Mission to Empty Purgatory