Question Time

Okay something new today. A question attempt to my readers. I was at a Holiness & Hops event the other night with a couple of guys and we got started with an interesting question. Please provide your thoughts ]the comment box. Okay here is the question:

Does God have emotions?

Child Porn

I wrote recently about pedophilia being the next thing that is pushed upon our world to accept. I just did a Google News search on the word “pornography”, not “child pornography”, just “pornography”, and 9 of 10 articles on the first page deal with the issue of Child Pornography. Here are the headlines:

1. Internet provider agrees to block child pornography
2. Lawmaker quits amid inquiry over child pornography photos
3. Canadian couple pleads guilty to several child pornography charges
4. Tennessee man pleads to child porn charge
5. Former Pfizer exec pleads to child porn charges
6. Indian man pleads guilty to child pornography
7. ISPs crucial to child pornography blocks
8. Former nuclear station worker pleads guild to child pornography
9. Discarded computer leads San Jose detective to two child porn suspects

Get that 9 out of 10 on just a search on the word pornography in the Google News tonight. There is an epidemic of Porn and Child Porn going on in our world today. We need to open our eyes to it and fight it. We need to fight it with education and prayer. Please join me in offering your prayer to combat the scourge of pornography in our society today.  Just click the Submit link to the left.

Catholic Pakistan

You know after a few days of not writing it is hard to get back into the swing of writing. So I thought I might start things out again by putting up a video of a seminary in Pakistan. Fr. Ben who is the rector at the seminary has come to our parish each of the last 3 summers. He is a very humble man who risks his life every day to spread the word of God not just by being a Catholic Priest in Pakistan, but by helping to educate future Catholic Priests. Last year he had 9 seminarians. This year he has 20 and had to turn away a few due to space in the existing seminary. Please view the video and consider helping Fr. Ben build a new seminary in Pakistan. We all wonder how we can combat terrorism outside of prayer. I believe supporting Fr. Ben and the St. Pius X Minor Seminary is a great option.

When Life Gives You Lemons…

… Make Lemonade.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers the last few days for the situation with my wife’s business. Things appear to have been resolved for the best considering the circumstances, and possibly in time the whole thing could be for the best. (I know the prayers helped because my wife and I can both see some of the fingerprints of God in the situation) I hope to get back to having a daily post up for all to ready after this unexpected break.

God Bless
John 6:54

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WYD Good or Bad?

In reading about World Youth Day it seems opinions are on all sides of event. There seems to be people who always say WYD was an overwhelming success and then there are others who always say WYD is a colossal waist of time and that the event is hardly Catholic. I will say there are parts of the event that make me squirm especially all the cultural pomp and circumstance that is always present at the event. Do we really need 15 pairs of people bringing up the offertory in different dress? Do we really need half naked aborigines clearing the way for the Pope’s arrival from one side of the Sydney Harbor to the other in a spectacle that looks more than a bit pagan? I think the coordinators of these large Catholic events go way over board to make WYD a made for television event verses focusing the core substance of what should be taking place. But this is just one man’s opinion.

Ultimately the success of WYD comes down to the openness of the individual hearts in attendance and watching on TV. Are they open to Christ or are they not? There will always be people who just go to see a new land and to be part of large crowd and then there will be those who go actually looking for Christ. I would bet that both intentions found what they were looking for. I have not been to WYD and really don’t have much of a desire to attend one in a far away country, but I always like seeing the enormous crowds at the event. It is a witness to the world. Hopefully all those who went searching for Christ found Him and hopefully even a few who weren’t looking for him found Him as well.

Dear Lord Jesus, help us to open our hearts and to follow You more faithfully and to joyfully know and do Your will. Amen

I would love to hear your thoughts on World Youth Day in the comment box.

Prayer Reqeust

I ask for your prayers for my wife an I. We were confronted with some unexpected and unwanted news yesterday that has put us both in shock and dissary. We ask for your prayers for Gods peace to be in our hearts and minds, as well as understanding and insight of Gods plan for us.

Either the Devil is not liking my efforts against pornography or God didn’t like my post today.

While I am at it I will ask for prayers for a friend of mine, his wife, and two kids who I found out yesterday are in the middle of a divorce, a divorce which is unwanted by friend.

The USCCB is Ineffable

This year once again the Bishops have been unable to come to an agreement on a proper translation of the prayers said at Mass, in the United States, in the vernacular. For almost 40 years we have been using poor prayer translations in the Catholic Mass attended by the vast majority of church going Catholics. This issue is one of the larger objections “traditionalists” have against the Novus Ordo Mass.

In the recent USCCB conference held last month the Bishops were unable to come to a 2/3rds majority agreement in order to accept the new translation that is more true to the original Latin prayers. The Bishops have been arguing over the proposed updated translation provided by ICEL (International Commission for English) for the past decade. Also considering the voting is done by secret ballot so there is no way for you to know how your Bishop voted.

There have been arguments over using words like ineffable, gibbet, and wrought. A long time critic of the new translation Bishop Trautman said the text’s preference was to mimic the longer sentence structure of the Latin, and featured long sentences with a large number of dependent clauses and impedes the understanding in English. Trautman said “John and Mary Catholic have a right to have prayer texts that are clear and understandable. The document before us needs further work.”

This is very interesting considering the word ineffable is used 25 times within the USCCB website. Ineffable is used in the Catechism, in at least 10 magisterial documents in the past century, in the New American Bible, 2 Cor. 12:4, and a USCCB document of “Norms for the Distribution and Reception of Holy Communion Under Both Kinds in the Dioceses of the United States of America”

I think John and Mary Catholic are smart enough to look up a word if they don’t know its meaning. I think it’s high time the Bishops stopped trying to dumb things down and teach up to their laity. This lay person can even use ineffable in a sentence.

I think it is ineffable that the Bishops have allowed us to use poor English translations in the Mass for the past 4 decades.

Cheap Pilgrims

World Youth Day appears to have been an economic flop for Australia if the early reports from Sydney are true. One clothing store representative, John Serafino, said the Pope’s visit was ‘a disaster’. I’m sure he was speaking economically of course. After all the Pope is on the “Best Dressed” list. One pilgrim is even reported to have haggled over the price of a banana.

It reminds a little bit of the Orange Bowl vendors in Miami. I went twice when I was in college to see Nebraska lose by 2 against Charlie Ward and Florida State (the drive back was terrible) and then the next year (I flew) to see Nebraska wear out Warren Sapp and the Miami Hurricanes. I would ask the vendors who they were going to be rooting for assuming they would just pick the local teams but one vendor said “I root for which ever team’s fans spend the most money, which he said, is always Nebraska.”

Then he said he hated it when BYU made it to the Orange Bowl. “they bring two things a $20 bill and the 10 Commandments and they don’t break either of them”

It sounds like our Catholic Pilgrims may have done the same. Good work pilgrims.

The Pill

In case you didn’t know, since we don’t always hear about contraception from the pulpit, contraception in many instances also acts as an abortifacient. This is one of the reasons the Church teachs against contraception.

How is this? In simple terms the birth control pill makes the lining of the uterus very thin and does not always stop ovulation. In cases where ovulation is not stopped eggs can be ferilized by sperm. The pill also causes a reduction in the thickness of the wall of the uterus. This means a fertilized egg, i.e. a human person, dies because it cannot implant itself to the uterus wall and is passed through in menstration. If you are trying to prevent pregnancy by use of the pill and sexually active you are undoubtably also causing fertilized eggs, i.e. human beings, to be aborted. You may not have known that until now but now you do, take action, stop the use of the pill in your marriage and get to confession. If your using the pill outside of marriage then you have other issues for another post.

Revelations 2:2 - NEVER TOLERATE EVIL

Just a few decades ago people though homosexuality was a sin and that it would always be considered a sin because the Bible tells us clearly that it is. The thought of homosexual marriage being a legal norm was laughable and I doubt you would be taken seriously if you suggested that it was even possible in the future. Today homosexual “marriage” is now a reality and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. There even those who claim Christ as their Lord & Savior who fight to legitimize homosexual acts as moral. Inch by inch the homosexual agenda has pushed its views on to society trying to equate them with the 1960s civil rights movement.

So what is next on the evils agenda? I dare say pedophilia. Groups like MBLA (Man Boy Love Association) are already formed and have been in existence for some time. Somehow we allow their existence in the name of free speach and tolerance as they push their agenda inch by inch. Haven’t we learned that we must never tolerate evil?

Inch by Inch
World Net Daily has reported that an independent film starring Dakota Fanning shows a child rape in one of its scenes. Yes “innocent” little Dakota Fanning from the kids movie Charlotte’s Web. In addition to this atrocity the state of North Caroline knowingly or unknowingly help fund this so called “art” to the tune of $387,000 of taxpayer’s money.

The film actually shows Fanning as a 9 year old girl being raped by a 20 year old man. Fanning who was twelve at the time of the filming is quoted as saying about the movie, “What was so ‘devastating’ about it? Okay, so the guy was a little older than me.” Where is the outrage? Our society seems to look for the chance to be offended but in this case we just turn our heads.

The Future
Do not be surprise when in the next 20 or 30 years you will see on a show like 20/20 or 60 minutes produce a sympathy piece for a man or woman wanting to legally be with a “willing” minor. You already see bits and pieces of it today in stories about Mary Kay Letourneau the infamous school teacher was convicted of statutory rape as 34 year old woman with a 13 year old boy who she met when he was only 8.

St. Paul in his letter to Galatians claimed that he lived in an evil age in Chapter 1 verse 4 and then in verse 6 says “I am amazed that you are so quickly deserting Him who called you by the grace of Christ, for a different gospel” Are we too turning for a different Gospel, the one where we determine what is right and wrong? We must not rely on ourselves we must rely on Christ. We must pray and be vigilant. We must fight and speak up and be willing to be persecuted or chastised for what is right and good. If we are not willing to stand for Christ in this world, why should he be willing to stand for us in the next?