Super Bowl Ad Sack

altIt appears NBC is not allowing to show its ad at the SuperBowl.  This is crazy considering they still have spots avaiable for sale and have had to reduce their pricing.  By doing this they have shown their true colors and probably have given the ad even more press without taking any money for it.  Double standards are always out there and the internet helps to level the playing field and with this instant I’m not sure if we should thank, or criticize, NBC.  After all now has a few extra million dollars sitting in their bank account still. 



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Shut that Woman Up, Please

When “catholic” politicians are continually allowed to make comments like this that are in direct opposition to the Catholic faith our Bishops allow their God given authority to be usurped by obvious ignorance.  San Francisco Archbishop Niederauer needs to sack-up and do something about Nancy Pelosi and her comments or remove himself from the situation.  His authority does him no good if its not used when it should be.  Pelosi said she would meet with him prior to the election concerning her comments on “Meet the Press” about Catholic teaching on abortion.  Its obviously she either has no intention to do so or its priority is we’ll behind everything on her to-do list.

In addition to Niederauer where are his brother bishops?  If I’m screwing up my brother steps in to correct me and I do the same for him.  Collegiality needs to be thrown out in these instances.  Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, her comments and ignorance plays across this country, just because she resides in San Francisco a few days out of the year doesn’t mean her lack of understanding the Catholic faith doesn’t affect all of us.


How does she think this will play out when she’s sitting in front of Christ?

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Beyond Race

There is a hope in our country that Barak Obama’s presidency will move us beyond the issue of race.  Unfortunately I don’t think it will be the case.  I consider the notion of “moving beyond the issue of race” being the point when we don’t even bring up someone’s race as part of the discussion.  Obama’s race appears to be the main focus of conversation for the majority of the mainstream media.  The press will point out at every event for the next few months, and probably for the remainder of his 1st term, about how he is the first African-American to do this or that. 

Moving beyond race means were are more interested in the substance of what’s happening verses the race of the one that’s involved. I don’t care that Obama is considered to be black.  I don’t care that his mother was considered white.  To move beyond race is to move beyond race as a side subject that is brought up time and time again.  We all have eyes that can all see that Obama is African-American why does the press make a story out of the obvious.  Tell me something I don’t know.  Focus in on the issues.  Yet when the press does move beyond race the issue they focus on is “Hope & Change” a term that can mean anything to anyone.  Its feel good topic and many would prefer that we don’t define it as it may remove the “Hope & Change” they are looking for.

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The “Messiah”

Image is from Per Christum BlogMany in politics have dubbed Obama as the “Messiah” of politics.  Comparing him to Jesus as modern day “savior” of the people.  I guess he is supposedly saving them from the Bush Administration as though George W Bush can hold anyone down. 

Just as when the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, came he was not what the people expected.  They expected to be saved from the Romans, not from their sins.  They expected everything thing to be given to them as the they were the “chosen people”, instead Jesus instructed them to take up their cross and to follow him down the narrow path of salvation.  Jesus was the true Messiah but he was not the Messiah that the Jews expected. 

I expect that so too today Barak Obama will not be the “Messiah” that the people who voted for him are expecting.

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Reader Input Requested

Alright folks, I think I’ve got the website backup and running the way it was for the most part.  99% of the comments made the move.  A few big ones didn’t so I apologize to anyone who has a comment that didn’t make it over, it was not intentional.  I hope everyone is saying their prayers and petitioning our Lord for our next president and his administration.  Through the election I didn’t have much positive to say about our incoming president.  Hopefully I won’t be audited by the IRS in the coming years for my view points.  Although if I am I believe I’ve paid all my taxes honestly, I’d just prefer not to have the hassle.

What I would like to hear from my readers in the comments section is what they’d like to see on that they aren’t seeing else where in the Catholic Blogospher.  More opinion articles, more local KC articles, more resources, if so what resources, what is it that those who take the time to look at would like to see?

Also I’m thinking about starting up again and having multiple bloggers submit articles.  I would love to hear people’s thoughts on that project.  It would be all things Catholic in Kansas City: articles on priests, parishes, the bishops, catholic events, community want ads, maybe a forums area etc…  If you have an interest in writing articles or thoughts on what you’d like to see on just write me at

May God Bless You,

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210 Days Old

This last weekend we got to get a little peek at John655.  This is what they call a 3D Sonogram.  The little guy is just a few weeks away from letting his daddy hold him.  If my calculations are correct John655 is 210 days old in this picture.  He likes having his feet up by his head showing me that he can do a few things that I can’t.


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FOCA Novena

I hope everyone remembered to start their FOCA Novena yesterday if not start it today.

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Quick Switch

I’m switching over to my new host sooner than expected to ensure I can get the old host shut down before the next billing period.  Expect to see some a little bit different look and feel to the new GTM.  I’m not sure when I’ll get comments up and running again, and I’m not sure If I’ll be able to bring the older comments over or not.
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