Seach for Truth

As we enter Lent I’m sure we have all resolved to do more of this or less of that.  I’ve given up coffee, and alcohol for Lent, along with adding a rosary to my daily prayer which has been hit and miss coming into Lent.  But something I’ve noticed as time goes on I crave to read authentic, orthodox, and faithful Catholic writing.  I have a persistent quest for truth, looking for it on the internet on Catholic blogs and in the writings of the Saints.  We all seem to thirst for truth.  Even when we don’t always understand it, we crave it, especially when it matches our understanding of truth.

But what seems beyond my comprehension is that considering I already know where truth resides, in God’s word (the Bible), and in God Himself in the Eucharist, made present to us in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,  I still search for truth in other places.  We human beings are obviously built for truth, consistently craving it in different ways, and even though we know where it resides we can spend much of our lives searching for it elsewhere.  Won’t it be a wonderful day when we are no longer fallen in our nature and can reside with Jesus Christ, the way the truth and the life for eternity in His heavenly kingdom.

May we all answer His call and follow Him as true disciples. Amen.