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Have a Blessed Thanksgiving

May you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving.  May we all say a prayer of thanks for the blessings God has given us.  We live in a free nation may we pray and work to allow it to remain so.

God Bless

One Man One Woman

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Fair & Balanced

Cardinal Rigali on Abortion & Catholic Lawmakers

We know the teaching now we need prayer. Much prayer and trust in Christ. All Catholics need to speakout against what is currently happening in Washington D.C.

Does Matthews Respect Bishops or Life?

I invite everyone to watch the video below and then write Chris Matthews at concerning his horrid treatment of Bp. Tobin of Rhode Island.  In viewing the video one can just envision a Pharisee or the Sanhedrin judges berating Christ.  Matthews has increasingly invited folks he disagrees with on to his television show Hardball only to viscerally attack them by framing the debate in a different manner than the initial discussion, and then harassing them to answer gotcha type questions.  That’s not “hardball” that’s just stupid.  To his credit Bp. Tobin handled himself graciously while being screamed at by the blowhard Matthews, but did little to provide a good argument on the topic of abortion.  Bp. Tobin needs to properly respond to Matthews attack in his own column “Without Doubt” which will give him the opportunity to fully answer the host’s questions logically and without interruption.

Matthews wanted to know what the penalty should be for a woman who obtains an abortion, if abortion were illegal.  Do you charge them with murder, Matthews whines.  I guess my thought is why wouldn’t you?  If you are purposely destroying innocent human life, and abortion was illegal, why wouldn’t you charge those involved with murder?  The reason people have pause in answering the question with the obvious answer is because they wonder if the obvious answer judges those who have had abortions over the past 40 years and the answer to that question is a resounding no!

Prior to Roe v. Wade the vast majority of our society chose life whether it be their own choice or because of the law.  In either case the previous generations choose life.  Those having abortions over the last 40 years had them because US law said it was “legal”.  In my opinion had abortion remained illegal 99% of abortions in the past 40 years would have never happened.   No one is here to cast the first stone in charging those who obtained “legal” abortions with murder, that notion is ludicrous.  But I am here to argue that we once again make abortion illegal in order to save innocent human life.  This is what the law did previously and would do again.   

For more than 40 years now our society has encouraged men and women to kill their offspring when they become pregnant in less than ideal situations.  Pregnancy and children have become a supposed inconvenience and a threat to our personal selfishness.   We’ve brainwashed ourselves into thinking a fetus is just a glob of cells, when sound science stares us straight in the face showing us that the miracle of life begins at the moment of conception. 

Kennedy Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Over the weekend Patrick Kennedy, a Congressman from Rhode Island and son of Ted Kennedy, made public that he had been requested by his Bishop, Thomas Tobin, to refrain from receiving Holy Communion, the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, due to his stance on abortion which is directly opposed to the teaching of the Catholic Church.  The recent public feud has been in the news for a few weeks now after Kennedy attacked the church for the Bishop’s view of the House Healthcare bill but the issues of receiving communion had not been brought up until now.  While the Bishops support healthcare reform and have for some time they could not support the bill as it was originally written due to its funding of abortion with taxpayer dollars.  Bishop Tobin publically rebuked Congressman Kennedy for his comments, but stopped short of mentioning his prior request of Kennedy back in 2007 to refrain from receiving communion.  It was just a week ago that Kennedy had mentioned he would no longer discuss his faith publically and yet he brought this fact out to the press over the weekend.   Just think if such a rebuke had happened with his father Ted Kennedy back in the 70s.  How many abortions could have been avoided had clear and firm Catholic teaching been made public back when Patrick’s farther started going down this same path.  Personally I think it would have stopped people like Nancy Pelosi from even being in office.

 It is good that Kennedy had been instructed not to receive the communion for his own soul and I think it’s even better that this information is now public.  The Catholic Church will continue to have the issue of Catholic politicians supporting abortion while claiming they are Catholic as long as there are no public repercussions.  It is absolute scandal for abortion supporting Catholics to appear to the public as though they are Catholic’s in good standing even with their pro-abortion voting record.  They consistently claim they are personally opposed to abortion but need to represent the views of their constituents.  As long as this dance with the devil is allowed to happen publically pro-abortion Catholic politicians will exist in Congress.  It’s time for Catholic Bishops to stand up and do their jobs, and to do them publically, when it comes to rebuking pro-abortion Catholic politicians.  The faithful need to know pro-abortion Catholics are not Catholics in good standing, and that his viewpoint risks one’s salvation.

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Pelosi’s Lap Dog Dennis Moore Quits

Good news, good news, Pelosi’s lap dog Dennis Moore will not be seeking re-election in 2010.  Not that he could win re-election in the first place since he has long sense quit representing the wishes of his constituents in the 3rd congressional district of Kansas.

I know there has been some speculation that Dennis Moore has had some health issues which I certainly hope are not the case but the fact Denny won’t be representing me in Washington D.C. can’t come soon enough in my opinion.

Now we need to pray hard that the 3rd district elects someone who will listen to the will of the people.  Lord Help Us!

Are We In A Gigantic Monkey Trap?

So over the last 48 hours I’ve been reading up and watching a few videos on Fractional Banking and the Federal Reserve.  If you didn’t know the Federal Reserve is not a Federal entity.  It is a privately owned bank with a name that makes you think that it is part of the government, its not.  So if that’s news to you then start watching I think you’ll be floored.  If anyone finds any inconsistencies with what the video’s report a comment please.  I’m looking for the the truth here and if these video’s are a sham I’d like to know where they deviate from the truth.

I don’t need to remind anyone that our current economy is in the tank and our national debt is at an unreal number and increasing with interest at a rate that makes the odds of paying it off a fairytale.  But is it our insistence on keeping our existing monetary system causing us to sink into a oblivion?  Are we in a gigantic monkey trap with our existing monetary system being the nut that we won’t let go of,  is our unwillingness to let go of that nut leading us to the death of our economy and nation?

I’m not one for conspiracy theory’s and if this is such a theory then shame on me, but so far everything checks out.  I can’t find any flaws, I can’t find any lies.  I know people come to my site for a few minutes of reading or a short video.  Basically entertainment with a Catholic wrapper.  Not everyone has time for all this but I ask you to take 10 minutes and watch the videos, if your intrigue come back and watch the next 10 minutes, and the next 10 minutes, and so on.  I’ll put permanent links up for the two videos in the right side margin and will try and leave the comments open.  As Catholics we are to search out the truth and there we will find Christ.  I believe that to be true in Faith, Theology, Science, and now it appears also to be in Economics as well.  If anyone has any additional suggested readings or videos on this subject please leave a comment and let me know.

Video: Firewall

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