Stop Working For Numbers

Below is a great clip in which the Holy Father answers the question

“What the Church could do to make herself a more credible and attractive institution?”

“One might say that a church which seeks above all to be attractive would already be on the wrong path, because the Church does not work for itself, does not work to increase its numbers so as to have more power,” he answered. “The Church is at the service of Another; it does not serve itself, seeking to be a strong body, but it strives to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ accessible, the great truths, the great powers of love and of reconciliation that come always from the presence of Jesus Christ. In this sense, the Church does not seek to be attractive, but rather to make herself transparent for Jesus Christ.”

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September 11th & Salvation

Our salvation will not be determined by our “feelings” or by what we “think”.  Our salvation will be determined by our actions, God’s Mercy, and our acceptance of that mercy.  For confession to be valid we must have true contrition.

I know many confessions when I was in habitual sinner where I did not have true contrition, as a worldly poor excuse for a Catholic I presumed God would be there to forgive me again after my next sin all I needed to do was ask. I created my own formula for salvation and I never had true contrition. This self made formula was not going to save me.  I basically had my own religion yet I called myself “Catholic”.

But 9 years ago today I watched the events of September 11th at a beer and pancake breakfast party. Beer at 7:30am thank you very much.  I then watched the events of the day unfold and I realized that day that thousands of people went to work that morning not feeling that they were going to die that morning.  Some I’m sure were mired in habitual sin like I was, I realized right then and there I needed to KNOW God and not assume I knew Him. 

Yes God is Merciful, Yes God is Love, but God is also Just!  We choose to ignore that aspect of God because when we ignore His Justice, we think it gives us license to do as we please and He will forgive us.  As someone said above, this mocks God, and God will not be mocked!

If you get right with God you will no longer commit mortal sin with any regularity.  And when you do sin, you will know it, you won’t fight the fact, and you will have true contrition when you go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Adoration, frequent Reconciliation, the Eucharist in a state of grace, and Scripture Reading is the solution to all the ills of worldliness.

God Bless you and may God have mercy on those who die in sin, especially those who died on September 11th.