GetToMass.com is an evolving Catholic & personal website.  It started out in September 2005 as KCCatholic.com using Joomla CMS.  As time went on it evolved more into a blog and a few years into the endeavor I gave it a new name and URL GetToMass.com.  In 2009 I ran GTM with both Joomla and Google’s Blogger and then made the permanent move to WordPress.  (Well permanent until the next best thing comes along)

The blog is a mixture of my Catholic faith and my personal thought.  I have found that writing provides me with a release valve for my thoughts on our world today.  The intent of the blog is to discuss the world as I see it which I pray is faithful to Jesus Christ and His Church.

The blogs tagline is from the Gospel of John Chapter 6.  To all those who want to encounter Jesus Christ in the flesh they need look no further than the Holy Eucharist.  Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior is made physically present at ever Catholic Mass.

Mary, Mother of God, Pray For Us!
St. Michael the Archangel, Be Our Protection!
St. Philomena, Great with God, Pray For Us!
Curé of Ars, Pray For Us!

I can be reached directly at john654@gettomass.com or via posting comments.
God Bless!