Resolutions for 2013

So this year is almost over and a new year is about to begin.  In 2013 I resolve to do the following things.

  • Prayer more
  • Watch the News less
  • Be more present to my family
  • Kickstart this blog & write at least weekly

If I can accomplish the first 3 it will be a successful year.  What are you resolving to do in 2013?


New Life

Well it appears I may have new life with my original website.  I have come across a new laptop for Christmas that will allow me a keyboard to be mobile and to write while hanging out with the family.  I’m still considering how to integrate my website with  I think GetToMass will be my opinion blog and BraveCatholic will be more of a resource website.

Were Moving! is moving to

As the site has grown and my time to write original content has become less I’ve decided to focus on building a premier Catholic website focusing on resources and catechesis.  Some of the old articles here at GetToMass will be moved to the new site.  I’ve enjoyed my run at and prior to that but its time for a change.  I’ll hope you join us at the new site but as for now we are signing off and moving to

Please Join Us


God Bless

Stand Up For Religious Freedom

It’s time to stand up.  March 23rd @ Noon

Get To Mass now on Facebook

I’ve ventured into the Facebook arena.  Christ have mercy.

New Access

20120207-225943.jpgI now have access to my blog from my new iPad and from my phone. This should give me more access and opportunity to write as time is at a premium these days with two little boys. Will see how much the Holy Spirit prompts me to write again.

God Bless

Been Busy

It’s been 8 months since my last post.  I have been very busy at work until recently and we are expecting another child in a few months. I have not had a desire to write in sometime but now have new access to my blog via my phone.  It just might get me to write more.

Cardinal Olmsted?

I’ve always thought Cardinals should be rock solid in the Catholic faith, fearless of what the world thinks, and shining examples of how Bishops should be Bishops. So count me in on campaigning for Bishop Olmstead to be a made a Cardinal.

Bishop Olmsted has removed the Catholic status from St. Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix, AZ due to the multiple non-Catholic practices that have been occuring there. The media is trying to swirl up controversy but the matter is actually quite simple. If you don’t follow Catholic teaching your not Catholic. The following video is the press conference on the removal of St. Joseph’s Catholic status eariler this week.

News Conference at the Diocesan Pastoral Center, Dec. 21, 2010 from Diocese of Phoenix on Vimeo.

Bonus Video

Here’s To The Hero’s

A Veteran’s Day Tribute

He is Risen!

The shroud covers him no more.  So therfore do not allow your faith in Him to be shrouded.  One day soon Jesus Christ will be our judge and advocate, may we all lead lives that produce abundant fruit and evidence of our love for Him. 

May you have a Blessed Easter.