Five Protestant Women Walk Into A Wendys

5ProtestantWomenSo one Sunday last year after 10:30am Mass on Sunday the family and I went to Wendy’s for lunch.  My son loves their Frosty’s.  So there we are eating away when I notice five nicely dressed women come in an order.  There were no men with these women and you could tell they were coming from their Sunday services.  After receiving their food and sitting down, they prayed before eating their meal.  While my family and I pray before our meals in public you could tell these women were not Catholic.  Oh how I hope, and pray, that more Catholics would pray before meals in public.  There is no reason not to, you won’t offend anyone, and if you do let them know you will pray for them.

So here these five protestant women sit thanking God for their food and enjoying their time together on a Sunday afternoon.  But one question rose up in my head and would not leave, “Where are the men?”  Usually when I see a group of folks out for lunch after their Sunday services (i.e. Protestants) I see a few men in the bunch.  In this bunch there were five women, and zero men.  And it just hit me that the trajectory of Protestant denominations and the advent of women’s ordinations will drive the men from the pews.  Not to be sexist here but what man wants to go listen to a woman week after week preach to him about Jesus? Sure there will still be a few men left in the pews but I can see men leaving in droves as women take more of a leadership role in Protestant churches.  I’m not being chauvinistic with my assessment I’m being realistic and honest.  As a man I have no problem listening to the spiritual direction and insights of women, specifically religious women, i.e. Nuns, but if women were priests turn out the lights, what men that show to Mass now up now, would just shrivel up and vanish.

The concept is no different when it comes to male and female alter servers.  The vast majority these days are girls.  Why is that?  Just think about it for a second, what adolescent boy wants to hangout and do anything with girls?  The more girls you have helping the less boys you will have participate.  The same goes for grown men.  What grown man wants to sit week after week listening about God from a woman?  Thankfully as Catholics we will never have to experience that.  Some women will take offense at my comments but God in His wisdom knows the mind of a man, He created us after all, male and female.  He gave us certain roles in life and my role is never to be a mother and a mother’s role is to never be a priest.

I pray those five women will be able to bring Christ to their husbands but with the current trajectory of Protestantism adding with female minsters to the mix I’m pretty sure the odds are stacked against them.


King Solomon

So on New Years day as my Nebraska Cornhuskers struggled with the Georgia Bulldogs I started watching some YouTube videos that I had saved on my Watch Later list.  One of the suggested videos appeared a video called King Solomon, which I have linked.  It was almost a three-hour movie from 1997 with decent acting, a great set, and obviously an intriguing story.  I’ve read the book of Kings before but this movie made want to read it again.  When you see characters of a story in the flesh, the story makes more sense, especially when the names of the people are difficult to pronounce and appear to be similar in spelling.

I believe the movie to be very close to the historical bible story of King Solomon from the book of Kings but there are some artistic liberties taken with the story specifically as it relates to the Solomon’s relationship with the Queen of Sheba. The movie is unrated but I would rate the movie PG-13.  There are definitely a few scenes, sexual in nature, which would not be appropriate for younger viewers.  There is no full nudity but some backsides showing more than enough to be obvious.  I think the movie does an excellent job of showing King Solomon’s fall from being a great man with the gift of wisdom, doing God’s Will to gradually ignoring God and falling into worldly pursuits of power and control little by little as he ages.

I think one poignant scene is when Solomon, the man who has everything, is not allowed to determine his own legacy by picking the son that will succeed him.  The priests would not agree and said it was not his place to decide, God would decide.  It seemed from that point on in the movie Solomon started falling further and further away from God.  The man who had everything started to act if God didn’t exist.  Solomon began to think that what he had was because of his wisdom, which was true, but Solomon’s wisdom came from God.  In this new year may we realize that what we have comes from God and may we give thanksgiving for all that we have whether it be material possessions, in tangible gifts, or both.  May we not fall for the trap in thinking that we are the only cause of our successes in life.



Is Cardinal Dolan Playing The Part Of Judas?

I can’t sleep. Literally I can’t sleep because of Cardinal Dolan’s invite of President Obama to the Al Smith charity dinner. Obviously this invitation of the President and the other party’s nominee is a small “t” tradition. Even Cardinal Egan didn’t invite Senator Kerry eight years ago because of the scandal it would have caused. Yes I said scandal. The media must be licking its chops for the opportunity to photography Cardinal Dolan and President Obama side by side and Obama may be laughing his way to re-election because of it. What gives? Cardinal Dolan can’t be this politically and spiritually inept to know the scandal this will bring can he? Is this not equivalent to inviting Pontius Pilate to the Last Supper? “Hey Pilate you’ll condemn me to death in a few hours but let’s laugh it up over dinner and wine before it happens.” This is outright madness!

191 Bishops have spoken out against the HHS mandate. 40 plus diocese and catholic colleges have sued the Obama Administration over the mandate. And back in the day 77 Bishops spoke out against Obama’s invite to Notre Dame. I thought we were finally headed in the right direction. Have we not learned anything? How is inviting Obama to a charity dinner to raise money any different than inviting him to Notre Dame? Not to mention Cardinal Dolan was one of the first people to speak out against it. Seriously what gives, how is this any different?

In recent days I’ve heard some lame reasons for the invite. That it’s for a charity and raises money for the poor. To me that’s like saying Judas raised money for the Potter’s field so it was okay to take the money to hand over Christ. Serious what is the reason for this invite? Another reason I’ve heard is maybe its strategic or it’s to show that Catholic’s are above it all and have no ill will towards the President. If its strategy it’s to jumping off a bridge, and then asking for forgiveness on the way down to try and get to heaven. Hey it’s a strategy. If it’s to show we have no ill will towards the President I can think of many better ways to show that, grab a rosary for goodness sake and pray for him.

In my mind it appears the current crop of US Bishops are more concerned about looking good in the “public” eye than they are about looking good in Christ’s eyes. I don’t know Cardinal Dolan’s intent or heart, of which I will not judge, but I will judge his actions and this action is insane. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Cardinal Dolan (A LOT OF RESPECT) in the past few days; he’s created Catholic Scandal when it was completely avoidable. And so far there’s been nothing but crickets chirping as to why he did what he did. I think he owes us all an explanation big time. Lord help us and Cardinal Dolan.


It’s Time – Catholic Bishops Needs To Do Something About Pelosi

It’s time, faithful Catholics just can’t take it anymore.  If there is anyone in Congress that needs to have their head adjusted it’s Nancy Pelosi.  She is constantly undermining Catholics and the Catholic faith and yet claims to be one.  At some point the Bishops have to do something about her and personally I feel a public ex-communication is warranted.  While I’m sure it would cause a stir sometimes the only way to reach a soul and turn them around is to publicly admonish them.  Not to mention it might stem the tide of publicly dissenting pro-abortion catholics and give them a warning shot across the bow.  You can’t be Pro-Abortion & Catholic especially when you hold public office.  If the boys & girls in Washington DC want to play hardball its time for the Bishops to use their authority, while they still have some and ex-communicate Nancy Pelosi.  I realize there is no stiffer penalty but if she doesn’t deserve public excommunication then no one does.  If you feel the same way I do please sign the Pelosi Petition and let others know as well.

The Coming Catholic Myarterdom

I’ve mentioned it before in December of 2009 & June of 2008.  Evidently it’s being discussed more and more.  Lord may my faith be strong and may I have the will to die for You has You died for me if called to.

Are You Clean?

It’s pretty normal for people these days to take a shower or bath every day or every other day.  How many days do you think you could go without bathing before people would notice?  How long before you would notice?

That’s physical cleanlyness.  Now how about spiritual cleanlyness? How long has it been since you’ve been to confession? Are you clean? Can people notice? Do you notice?

Stop Working For Numbers

Below is a great clip in which the Holy Father answers the question

“What the Church could do to make herself a more credible and attractive institution?”

“One might say that a church which seeks above all to be attractive would already be on the wrong path, because the Church does not work for itself, does not work to increase its numbers so as to have more power,” he answered. “The Church is at the service of Another; it does not serve itself, seeking to be a strong body, but it strives to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ accessible, the great truths, the great powers of love and of reconciliation that come always from the presence of Jesus Christ. In this sense, the Church does not seek to be attractive, but rather to make herself transparent for Jesus Christ.”

You can

September 11th & Salvation

Our salvation will not be determined by our “feelings” or by what we “think”.  Our salvation will be determined by our actions, God’s Mercy, and our acceptance of that mercy.  For confession to be valid we must have true contrition.

I know many confessions when I was in habitual sinner where I did not have true contrition, as a worldly poor excuse for a Catholic I presumed God would be there to forgive me again after my next sin all I needed to do was ask. I created my own formula for salvation and I never had true contrition. This self made formula was not going to save me.  I basically had my own religion yet I called myself “Catholic”.

But 9 years ago today I watched the events of September 11th at a beer and pancake breakfast party. Beer at 7:30am thank you very much.  I then watched the events of the day unfold and I realized that day that thousands of people went to work that morning not feeling that they were going to die that morning.  Some I’m sure were mired in habitual sin like I was, I realized right then and there I needed to KNOW God and not assume I knew Him. 

Yes God is Merciful, Yes God is Love, but God is also Just!  We choose to ignore that aspect of God because when we ignore His Justice, we think it gives us license to do as we please and He will forgive us.  As someone said above, this mocks God, and God will not be mocked!

If you get right with God you will no longer commit mortal sin with any regularity.  And when you do sin, you will know it, you won’t fight the fact, and you will have true contrition when you go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Adoration, frequent Reconciliation, the Eucharist in a state of grace, and Scripture Reading is the solution to all the ills of worldliness.

God Bless you and may God have mercy on those who die in sin, especially those who died on September 11th.

Condoms Cause Problems

Are people who think Condoms are a solution to HIV/AIDS really looking at the data?  Are they really concerned with the health and well being of the people or Africa or of the world for that matter.  Or do they prefer to turn a blind eye to the data so they can think they are “safe” while being sexually promiscuous?  Watch and behold the facts.  Lastly there is one thing a condom won’t protect for sure, and that is your ever lasting soul.

Right & Wrong

We should not focus on right verses left, we should focus on right verses wrong.  Here is a prime example of “conservative” talking heads missing the boat on Gay Marrage.