Top 10 HHS Mandate Teachable Moments

Back in 2009 when Obama gave the Notre Dame commencement address many referred to it as a “Teachable Moment”. There was even an open letter published in America Magazine commenting that Obama’s appearance at Notre Dame “affords all of us, including yourself, a teachable moment”. Well, well, not even two years latter and we have another “Teachable Moment”. Not just one but many… Where shall we start?

#10. The abortion issue stands above social justice and war in voting priority
# 9. The Democrat party is a haven for the culture of death
# 8. Catholic pro-abortion politicians are a major threat to life and religious freedom
# 7. There are consequences to not speaking out against unfaithful groups who use the word Catholic in their name
# 6. The Bishops support of Obamacare was stupid and naive
# 5. Obama is no friend of the Catholic Church
# 4. Ecclesial authority is only meaningful if it is exercised in matters of Faith & Morals in line with the Pope & the Church’s Magisterial teachings
# 3. The USCCB has abdicated their authority by being involved in issues like immigration reform, global warming, & organized labor (Stick with Faith & Morals)
# 2. 50 years of ignoring Catholic contraceptive use can cause problems
& #1. The use of Contraceptives is a Mortal Sin

Yes, the use of contraceptives is a mortal sin. Contraception subverts the marital embrace which rises to grave matter. But when have you heard that preached from the pulpit? For the glory of God can our Priests, Bishops, & Cardinals take off your bedroom slippers and preach the truth, with love and charity of course, but preach the whole Gospel. Especially the stuff thats going to cause eye balls to roll. Would we be in this mess if Priests & Bishops regularly spoke out against contraception yearly and clearly taught church teaching on why its wrong and why its grave matter? Would Obama have pulled this atrocity if Catholic contraception use was at say a forth or half of secular society’s? No, mainly because I doubt Obama would even been in office had this battle been fought properly 40 or 50 years ago.

If you disagree with the Church’s position on contraception, like I did 10 years ago, open the Catechism and read it. Then look at other writings of faithful & orthodox Catholics. I would suggest that they be dead and have the letters S & T in front of their name. If you don’t like reading dead people read Christopher West’s chapter on contraception in the The Good News about Sex & Marriage. Don’t go looking for some namby pamby thelogion to rub salve on your warped & poorly formed conscience. There is a very good reason to why the church teaches what it does but no one articulates it. So if no one is speaking against contraception and all of secular society is speaking for it… guess what, you get Catholic’s contracepting at the same rate as the rest of society.

Time to speak up people

He Knew What He Was Doing

From the Nation Review

The bottom line is this: “Accordingly, the amendment to the interim final rule with comment period amending 45 CFR 147.130(a)(1)(iv) which was published in the Federal Register at 76 FR 46621-46626 on August 3, 2011, is adopted as a final rule without change.” [Emphasis added.]

Translation: The Obama administration Friday afternoon put into federal law the very regulation that drew objections from almost 200 Catholic bishops, some 50 religiously affiliated colleges and universities, 65 North American bishops of Orthodox churchesnumerous other Jewish, Evangelical and Lutheran leaders, and even some liberals — and without changing so much as a comma.

All I can say is if your Catholic and you vote for Obama this November you may have hell to pay.

Cardinal Mahoney – You The Man?

For years I’ve had grave concerns about Cardinal Mahoney and what he allowed to go on in his Dioceses.  While many of those questions still remain for me I could not be more proud of how he has responded to the Obama Administration’s HHS decision.   It’s obviously lit a fire under him.  Here is what he wrote on Feb 11th:

Your “accommodation” actually makes the entire matter far worse. Every effort must be undertaken to reverse your ill-conceived revocation of our Constitutional rights.

I encourage all Catholics and millions of others of good will in our country to challenge candidates for election to Congress and to the presidency to take a strong stance in favor of guaranteeing and protecting our nation’s Constitutional rights.

I fear, Mr. President, that you are knowingly and intentionally trampling upon and reversing our Constitutional rights.

And on Jan 20th, the day of the HHS decision

For me there is no other fundamental issue as important as this one as we enter into the Presidential and Congressional campaigns. Every candidate must be pressed to declare his/her position on all of the fundamental life issues, especially the role of government to determine what conscience decision must be followed: either the person’s own moral and conscience decision, or that dictated/enforced by the Federal government. For me the answer is clear: we stand with our moral principles and heritage over the centuries, not what a particular Federal government agency determines.

As Bishops we do not recommend candidates for any elected office. My vote on November 6 will be for the candidate for President of the United States and members of Congress who intend to recognize the full spectrum of rights under the many conscience clauses of morality and public policy. If any candidate refuses to acknowledge and to promote those rights, then that candidate will not receive my vote.

I can honestly say I like the new Cardinal Mahoney.  Now if Cardinal-designate Dolan can start speaking with the same heated statements we might have a chance at beating this thing.

Planned Parenthood – Sex Obsessed & Hooking Kids on Sex

WARNING – Explicit Material

Here is what your tax dollars help funds.  When will we stand up to this?

Freedom of Religion vs Freedom of Worship

I have to get back to posting.  Too much is going on with this HHS decision.  I have to start writing again in order to vent my frustrations.  Please sign the

Contraception Feeds Social Decline

Contraception, as a social practice, goes back to the earliest days of recorded history. When Christianity entered the world, the followers of Christ were warned against conforming to the pagan society in which they lived. They were given four successive precepts on sexual morality: “You shall not use magic. You shall not use drugs. You shall not procure abortion. You shall not destroy an unborn child” (Teaching of the Twelve Apostles, A.D. 80).

Records from the Roman Empire tell us that the people would first try some magical rites or sorcery to avoid conception. If this failed, they would use one of the 17 known contraceptive medical drugs. If a woman still conceived, she would try to abort. And if even this failed, there was always the Roman law which permitted infanticide.

The fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth century after Christ is only the best-known example of what happens to every contraceptive culture. It resorts to abortion and infanticide and ends up destroying itself as a society.

There is no secret why this may be called the verdict of human history. Contraception is the selfish practice of mutual masturbation. Each partner uses the other person to heighten his or her sexual pleasure, while excluding the willingness to accept whatever children God may want to give them.

People who practice contraception become habitually selfish. Experience shows that their selfishness will not even exclude killing the unborn child that was unwillingly conceived.

With the advent of Christianity, a totally new concept of selfless love entered the annals of mankind. Marriage was elevated by Christ to the level of a sacrament of the New Law. Husband and wife were given super-human capacity to love. They could give themselves to each other with selfless charity. They would share their humanity with another person, in cooperative generosity.

As a culture becomes de-Christianized, the practice of this selfless love declines and may disappear altogether.

There is only one solution. Re-evangelize, in order to re-Christianize, in order to revitalize a decadent human Society.

Eternal Life Newsletter
Vol. 1 – #1, First Issue

Copyright © 1998 Inter Mirifica

As Long As We Contracept, We Will Abort

Cardinal Olmsted?

I’ve always thought Cardinals should be rock solid in the Catholic faith, fearless of what the world thinks, and shining examples of how Bishops should be Bishops. So count me in on campaigning for Bishop Olmstead to be a made a Cardinal.

Bishop Olmsted has removed the Catholic status from St. Joseph’s hospital in Phoenix, AZ due to the multiple non-Catholic practices that have been occuring there. The media is trying to swirl up controversy but the matter is actually quite simple. If you don’t follow Catholic teaching your not Catholic. The following video is the press conference on the removal of St. Joseph’s Catholic status eariler this week.

News Conference at the Diocesan Pastoral Center, Dec. 21, 2010 from Diocese of Phoenix on Vimeo.

Bonus Video

Contraception is Sinful

A reminder of something you won’t hear much of in your Sunday Homily.  Contraception is sinful!  If you use in or outside of marriage stop its use and repent.  Read Humane Vitae to gain a better understand of Catholic teaching.

CCC 2370 Periodic continence, that is, the methods of birth regulation based on self-observation and the use of infertile periods, is in conformity with the objective criteria of morality.158 These methods respect the bodies of the spouses, encourage tenderness between them, and favor the education of an authentic freedom. In contrast, “every action which, whether in anticipation of the conjugal act, or in its accomplishment, or in the development of its natural consequences, proposes, whether as an end or as a means, to render procreation impossible” is intrinsically evil:159 Carnal union is morally legitimate only when a definitive community of life between a man and woman has been established. Human love does not tolerate “trial marriages.” It demands a total and definitive gift of persons to one another.185

Thus the innate LANGUAGE that expresses the total reciprocal self-giving of husband and wife is overlaid, through contraception, by an objectively contradictory LANGUAGE, namely, that of not giving oneself totally to the other. This leads not only to a positive refusal to be open to life but also to a falsification of the inner truth of conjugal love, which is called upon to give itself in personal totality. . . . The difference, both anthropological and moral, between contraception and recourse to the rhythm of the cycle . . . involves in the final analysis two irreconcilable concepts of the human person and of human sexuality.160

CCC 2390 In a so-called free union, a man and a woman refuse to give juridical and public form to a liaison involving sexual intimacy.

The expression “free union” is fallacious: what can “union” mean when the partners make no commitment to one another, each exhibiting a lack of trust in the other, in himself, or in the future?

The expression covers a number of different situations: concubinage, rejection of marriage as such, or inability to make long-term commitments.183 All these situations offend against the dignity of marriage; they destroy the very idea of the family; they weaken the sense of fidelity. They are contrary to the moral law. The sexual act must take place exclusively within marriage. Outside of marriage it always constitutes a grave sin and excludes one from sacramental communion.

CCC 2391 Some today claim a “right to a trial marriage” where there is an intention of getting married later. However firm the purpose of those who engage in premature sexual relations may be, “the fact is that such liaisons can scarcely ensure mutual sincerity and fidelity in a relationship between a man and a woman, nor, especially, can they protect it from inconstancy of desires or whim.”184 Carnal union is morally legitimate only when a definitive community of life between a man and woman has been established. Human love does not tolerate “trial marriages.” It demands a total and definitive gift of persons to one another.185

The Modern Holocaust

Michael Voris is a man on a mission. He speaks the truth with no regrets. If you think he’s being judgemental just remember he’s only stating facts. The facts speak for themselves.