Are We In A Gigantic Monkey Trap?

So over the last 48 hours I’ve been reading up and watching a few videos on Fractional Banking and the Federal Reserve.  If you didn’t know the Federal Reserve is not a Federal entity.  It is a privately owned bank with a name that makes you think that it is part of the government, its not.  So if that’s news to you then start watching I think you’ll be floored.  If anyone finds any inconsistencies with what the video’s report a comment please.  I’m looking for the the truth here and if these video’s are a sham I’d like to know where they deviate from the truth.

I don’t need to remind anyone that our current economy is in the tank and our national debt is at an unreal number and increasing with interest at a rate that makes the odds of paying it off a fairytale.  But is it our insistence on keeping our existing monetary system causing us to sink into a oblivion?  Are we in a gigantic monkey trap with our existing monetary system being the nut that we won’t let go of,  is our unwillingness to let go of that nut leading us to the death of our economy and nation?

I’m not one for conspiracy theory’s and if this is such a theory then shame on me, but so far everything checks out.  I can’t find any flaws, I can’t find any lies.  I know people come to my site for a few minutes of reading or a short video.  Basically entertainment with a Catholic wrapper.  Not everyone has time for all this but I ask you to take 10 minutes and watch the videos, if your intrigue come back and watch the next 10 minutes, and the next 10 minutes, and so on.  I’ll put permanent links up for the two videos in the right side margin and will try and leave the comments open.  As Catholics we are to search out the truth and there we will find Christ.  I believe that to be true in Faith, Theology, Science, and now it appears also to be in Economics as well.  If anyone has any additional suggested readings or videos on this subject please leave a comment and let me know.

Video: Firewall

Update: The video’s are eaching up too much bandwidth so I’m just going to provide links to them.

Catholic Teaching on Gambling

Paragraph 2413 of the Catholic Catechism
2413 Games of chance (card games, etc.) or wagers are not in themselves contrary to justice. They become morally unacceptable when they deprive someone of what is necessary to provide for his needs and those of others. The passion for gambling risks becoming an enslavement. Unfair wagers and cheating at games constitute grave matter, unless the damage inflicted is so slight that the one who suffers it cannot reasonably consider it significant.

I find the last line a bit odd. Cheating when gambling constitutes grave matter unless the damage inflicted is so slight that the one who suffers cannot reasonably consider it significant. Its almost contradictory and seems to be a fine line. I’m not sure the line should be so fine when it comes to crossing into the territory of grave matter. Cheating is wrong regardless of whether your playing cards or taking a test. If someone has heard and explaination of this last line please leave a comment.