Many Thanks

We didn’t make 11,000 offereings but we did make more than 1000.  God Bless each and everyone who helped.  I ask that you keep praying for those affected by the scourge of pornography and I also ask you to include the issue of abortion in your prayers.  If the hearts and minds of our nations citizens change so will our laws.

Labor Day Push

While it doesn’t look like we will be able to offer 11,000 offerings this summer against pornography, it does look like we’ll have 1000. Thank You & God Bless to all those who have helped. Let’s have one final push this Labor Day Weekend. Please submit your offerings to the left.

Child Porn

I wrote recently about pedophilia being the next thing that is pushed upon our world to accept. I just did a Google News search on the word “pornography”, not “child pornography”, just “pornography”, and 9 of 10 articles on the first page deal with the issue of Child Pornography. Here are the headlines:

1. Internet provider agrees to block child pornography
2. Lawmaker quits amid inquiry over child pornography photos
3. Canadian couple pleads guilty to several child pornography charges
4. Tennessee man pleads to child porn charge
5. Former Pfizer exec pleads to child porn charges
6. Indian man pleads guilty to child pornography
7. ISPs crucial to child pornography blocks
8. Former nuclear station worker pleads guild to child pornography
9. Discarded computer leads San Jose detective to two child porn suspects

Get that 9 out of 10 on just a search on the word pornography in the Google News tonight. There is an epidemic of Porn and Child Porn going on in our world today. We need to open our eyes to it and fight it. We need to fight it with education and prayer. Please join me in offering your prayer to combat the scourge of pornography in our society today.  Just click the Submit link to the left.

Revelations 2:2 - NEVER TOLERATE EVIL

Just a few decades ago people though homosexuality was a sin and that it would always be considered a sin because the Bible tells us clearly that it is. The thought of homosexual marriage being a legal norm was laughable and I doubt you would be taken seriously if you suggested that it was even possible in the future. Today homosexual “marriage” is now a reality and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. There even those who claim Christ as their Lord & Savior who fight to legitimize homosexual acts as moral. Inch by inch the homosexual agenda has pushed its views on to society trying to equate them with the 1960s civil rights movement.

So what is next on the evils agenda? I dare say pedophilia. Groups like MBLA (Man Boy Love Association) are already formed and have been in existence for some time. Somehow we allow their existence in the name of free speach and tolerance as they push their agenda inch by inch. Haven’t we learned that we must never tolerate evil?

Inch by Inch
World Net Daily has reported that an independent film starring Dakota Fanning shows a child rape in one of its scenes. Yes “innocent” little Dakota Fanning from the kids movie Charlotte’s Web. In addition to this atrocity the state of North Caroline knowingly or unknowingly help fund this so called “art” to the tune of $387,000 of taxpayer’s money.

The film actually shows Fanning as a 9 year old girl being raped by a 20 year old man. Fanning who was twelve at the time of the filming is quoted as saying about the movie, “What was so ‘devastating’ about it? Okay, so the guy was a little older than me.” Where is the outrage? Our society seems to look for the chance to be offended but in this case we just turn our heads.

The Future
Do not be surprise when in the next 20 or 30 years you will see on a show like 20/20 or 60 minutes produce a sympathy piece for a man or woman wanting to legally be with a “willing” minor. You already see bits and pieces of it today in stories about Mary Kay Letourneau the infamous school teacher was convicted of statutory rape as 34 year old woman with a 13 year old boy who she met when he was only 8.

St. Paul in his letter to Galatians claimed that he lived in an evil age in Chapter 1 verse 4 and then in verse 6 says “I am amazed that you are so quickly deserting Him who called you by the grace of Christ, for a different gospel” Are we too turning for a different Gospel, the one where we determine what is right and wrong? We must not rely on ourselves we must rely on Christ. We must pray and be vigilant. We must fight and speak up and be willing to be persecuted or chastised for what is right and good. If we are not willing to stand for Christ in this world, why should he be willing to stand for us in the next?

Help Needed

I have a number of new readers and I would ask each of you for your prayers for the specific purpose of combating pornography. Please take time to read my previous posts on pornography

Post 1 A New Battle – Fight Pornography
Post 2 Porn Scourge
Post 3 Stop The Tolerance

Even if its just one rosary or one mass intention you help is appreciated. Just submit your offering here. No personal info is collected and you are welcome to work under an alias. My original goal was 11,000 offerings this summer, which even though we are currently at the 500 mark, is easily attainable if you can help me spread the word about the effort. Feel free to represent a prayer group or a family to collect and submit offerings.

Luke 10:2 “The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.”

Help me to find laborers for this harvest. Any suggestions are welcome below in the comments sections.. God Bless
Submit Your Offerings Here

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Stop the Tolerance

According to an article in USA Today earlier this year more than 624,000 computers in the United States have traded child porn in the past two and half years. But due to limited resources it is estimated that government agencies are pursuing less than 1% of the leads. How are we even in this situation? How could we fill up six Rose Bowl stadiums with child porn traders?

I’m sure this question can be answered in many ways but I would suggest it should be answered by our society’s lack of response and fight of the pornography issue for the past 50 years. Society has let pornography continually progress giving up or compromising on every fight along the way. In the 1960s we tolerated porn in magazines. We could turned our head the other way as long as those magazines were on the top shelf and in plastic wrap as if somehow that would contain the evil. Then we tolerated x-rated theaters in the 1970s as long as they were in that one part of town that no one cared about and that no respectful citizen supposedly went. Then we tolerated it behind closed doors in the home next to us on the VCR in the 1980s as long as they kept their tapes hidden in their dresser or closet. And then before we even knew it we had allowed porn to explode via the internet in the late 1990s and past decade. Arguably the greatest tool of our time was built with pornography as its backbone. We have over the past 50 years allow this evil to proliferate right in our midst. We allowed the evil of porn to grow in the name of “tolerance” although history had shown us that we should never tolerate evil. The standard porn pattern occurred, starting out seemingly small and then growing by leaps and bounds over two generations, and now to our supposed surprise it is affecting our children. We have internet predators who’s porn appetite is no longer fulfilled by society’s tolerated porn. These predators now want the real thing, even to the degree of abusing a child. We seem to be so shell shocked by this hideous evil that some will refer to it as “kiddy porn”, as if calling it by another name helps take the edge off such an abomination.

I do not want to cast judgment on those who use porn or have used it, as I too have been subject to its evils. I only cast judgment on the evil of porn itself. We are to hate the sin and not the sinner. America was founded on the principles of freedom and tolerance, but we have allowed our principle of freedom to be skewed by our tolerance of evil. As direr as the situation seems it is one that we all need to fight, and every fight for good should start with prayer, which is something we can all do. I urge you to help with this fight. 11,000 offerings is no small task, yet with the power of the internet it can easily be accomplished. I ask you to please work with your families to say a rosary, or maybe talk to them about using their Mass intentions on Sunday to go towards this fight. I would bet your average Catholic these days is not fully utilizing their Mass intentions each Sunday. Lastly I encourage you to let other know about this fight. The more that know, and participate, the better. The key to winning every fight usually comes down to having the right numbers on your side, and shouldn’t we all be on the side of fighting evil. Pray the rosary, give up a meal, get to Mass with this intention, and spend an hour with our Lord and spread the word and track you and your family’s offerings. Thank You & God Bless

Lord forgive us our sins, please accept our offerings for the purpose of fighting pornography in our world. Rain down your graces upon the world you created and strength us, your faithful. Amen.


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Porn Scourge

In further research on the topic of pornography and its scourge on our world I ran across some articles on a book called “Pornified” by Pamela Paul. The book was started prior to the Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl halftime debacle and the Paris Hilton tapes and she said that before writing the book and she said she didn’t think that pornography was that big of a deal. She said that she was shocked by what she found. Even people who didn’t develop an “addiction” to porn still faced issues of divorce and job loss because of pornography.

Ms. Paul states that she was surprised that so many men and women said porn was fun and harmless even while admitting that their marriages and sex lives were damaged. Ms. Paul shows in her book how even the most “innocent porn use”, which I believe to be an oxymoron, goes through an all too familiar pattern of desensitization and increased use, which models the pattern of those with the worst addictions to pornography.

According to Pamela’s research there is no typical consumer of pornography. Pornography is not just a “guy-thing”. Its use crossed all gender, age, educational, income, occupational, religious and non-religious demographics.

With that said the scourge of pornography must be fought. We must take a stand against evil and so I call you to make an offering of your prayers, fasting, and Mass intentions this summer. Pray with your family and increase your offering. Remember we are trying to keep track of the effort and you can enter your offerings by clicking on the links at the top of the left hand column.

Again please let others know and spread the word help us in this endeavor.

Dear Lord Jesus help us answer your call to make an offering of ourselves and our prayers to help fight a great evil in our world. Please put it upon our hearts and minds to respond to your call. Amen