Five Protestant Women Walk Into A Wendys

5ProtestantWomenSo one Sunday last year after 10:30am Mass on Sunday the family and I went to Wendy’s for lunch.  My son loves their Frosty’s.  So there we are eating away when I notice five nicely dressed women come in an order.  There were no men with these women and you could tell they were coming from their Sunday services.  After receiving their food and sitting down, they prayed before eating their meal.  While my family and I pray before our meals in public you could tell these women were not Catholic.  Oh how I hope, and pray, that more Catholics would pray before meals in public.  There is no reason not to, you won’t offend anyone, and if you do let them know you will pray for them.

So here these five protestant women sit thanking God for their food and enjoying their time together on a Sunday afternoon.  But one question rose up in my head and would not leave, “Where are the men?”  Usually when I see a group of folks out for lunch after their Sunday services (i.e. Protestants) I see a few men in the bunch.  In this bunch there were five women, and zero men.  And it just hit me that the trajectory of Protestant denominations and the advent of women’s ordinations will drive the men from the pews.  Not to be sexist here but what man wants to go listen to a woman week after week preach to him about Jesus? Sure there will still be a few men left in the pews but I can see men leaving in droves as women take more of a leadership role in Protestant churches.  I’m not being chauvinistic with my assessment I’m being realistic and honest.  As a man I have no problem listening to the spiritual direction and insights of women, specifically religious women, i.e. Nuns, but if women were priests turn out the lights, what men that show to Mass now up now, would just shrivel up and vanish.

The concept is no different when it comes to male and female alter servers.  The vast majority these days are girls.  Why is that?  Just think about it for a second, what adolescent boy wants to hangout and do anything with girls?  The more girls you have helping the less boys you will have participate.  The same goes for grown men.  What grown man wants to sit week after week listening about God from a woman?  Thankfully as Catholics we will never have to experience that.  Some women will take offense at my comments but God in His wisdom knows the mind of a man, He created us after all, male and female.  He gave us certain roles in life and my role is never to be a mother and a mother’s role is to never be a priest.

I pray those five women will be able to bring Christ to their husbands but with the current trajectory of Protestantism adding with female minsters to the mix I’m pretty sure the odds are stacked against them.


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