Clear Catholic Teaching on Gay “Marriage”

Amazingly clear teaching on homosexual marriage from Bishop Olmsted in Phoenix, AZ.

….In a statement released on the Diocese of Phoenix’s website on August 10th, Bishop Olmsted wrote that the “misguided decision of Judge Vaughn Walker, striking down as unconstitutional the California Marriage Law called Proposition 8, cannot be passed over in silence.”


He Says What I’m Thinking

I have posted few of my own words lately, as I’ve been working on a website for which should be complete here in the very near future.  But basically there really is no need for me to speak when I’ve found someone who basically says exactly what I’m thinking, and he does so with

Posting Frequency

I haven’t posted much lately, but not for a lack of wanting to.  I’ve been a dad for almost a year now which makes free time a bit more precious.  The other reason I haven’t posted as much is because many times I just want to spew forth a few comments but upon taking a

Bishop Approves Needle Distribution

From there is an article about Bishop Howard Hubbard of Albany, who serves as chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on International Justice and Peace. Bishop Hubbard has approved a proposal by diocesan Catholic Charities to distribute free needles to drug abusers in the hope of preventing the spread

Open Homosexual on USCCB Catholic Healthcare Board?

Why would an open homosexual be on the USCCB Healthcare Board?

Bishop William Skylstad, Bishop of Spokane, Chairman* Bishop John McRaith, Bishop of Owensboro Bishop Joseph Sullivan, Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn* Fr. Michael Place, STD, President of the Catholic Health Association Sr. Jane Frances Brady, SC, Administrator, St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center, Paterson,

NPR Says Bishops are Flexing Muscles

All I can say is keep flexing

Fair & Balanced

Does Matthews Respect Bishops or Life?

I invite everyone to watch the video below and then write Chris Matthews at concerning his horrid treatment of Bp. Tobin of Rhode Island.  In viewing the video one can just envision a Pharisee or the Sanhedrin judges berating Christ.  Matthews has increasingly invited folks he disagrees with on to his television show Hardball only

Kennedy Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Over the weekend Patrick Kennedy, a Congressman from Rhode Island and son of Ted Kennedy, made public that he had been requested by his Bishop, Thomas Tobin, to refrain from receiving Holy Communion, the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, due to his stance on abortion which is directly opposed to