Pelosi’s Lap Dog Dennis Moore Quits

Good news, good news, Pelosi’s lap dog Dennis Moore will not be seeking re-election in 2010.  Not that he could win re-election in the first place since he has long sense quit representing the wishes of his constituents in the 3rd congressional district of Kansas.

I know there has been some speculation that Dennis

Lap Dog Dennis Moore Responds

The following is the form letter my wife received from “Lap Dog” Dennis Moore who voted for the House Healthcare Bill a few weeks ago. Bold items are my emphasis. [Red items] in brackets are my inserted comments.  For those out side of the KC area Dennis Moore is currently a Washington tool from the

Rep. Dennis Moore – Blue Dog or Pelosi’s Lap Dog?

My Congressional House Rep is Dennis Moore D-KS.  Denny has been in his seat since 1999.  Supposedly Denny is a Blue Dog Democrat and has been nothing but a friend to NARAL scoring a perfect 100%.

I called into Dennis Moore’s Overland Park office last week to let him know my thoughts on the Healthcare