Check Your Catholic Butt

We all need to make sure we stay in physical and spiritual shape. Some of us even need to work on our Catholic "Buts". Have you ever heard yourself say any of the following statements or something similar? If so, you need to work on your Catholic "But"

I’m Catholic, but I believe in a woman’s right to choose.
I’m Catholic, but masturbation is okay.
I’m Catholic, but if you miss a Holy Day of Obligation it’s no big deal.
I’m Catholic, but I believe women can be priests.
I’m Catholic, but you don’t need to go to a priest to have your sins forgiven.
I’m Catholic, but I think whatever two consenting adults do in the bedroom is okay.
I’m Catholic, but the Church is wrong about contraception.
I’m Catholic, but I don’t believe in the Real Presence.
I’m Catholic, but no sex before marriage is not realistic.
I’m Catholic, but a little pornography here and there doesn’t hurt anyone.
I’m Catholic, but Mary was not a perpetual virgin, Jesus had brothers.


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15-Year-Old Expelled for Alerting Bishop

Sacramento Catholic School Expels 15-year-old Student who Alerted Bishop to Abortion Activist Teacher Bishop’s Hands are Tied

By John-Henry Westen

SACRAMENTO, November 2, 2005 ( – A 15-year-old girl at a Catholic school who was responsible for alerting her bishop to the presence of a pro-abortion activist teacher on staff at her school has

NCR – Not Catholic Right?

I went to Our Lady of Sorrows last week for Noon Mass. It was my first time going to Mass there, but I had seen pictures of Church. The church is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. On my way in there was a table in the lobby area that had some flyers and a stack of newspapers. So I picked up one since it was named the “National Catholic Reporter”. I went on into the church and finished my Rosary. I then sat back in the pew and took a look at the “Catholic” paper.
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