Communion in the Hand

Communion in the hand did not cause this particular atrocity, but decades of communion in the hand allowed the mindset for it to occur.  Not everyone is oblivious to what they are receiving but many have no clue, here is such an example.  The woman is the girl friend of a Costa Rican Presidential candidate.  She

Do You Take or Receive Communion?

Bishop Athanasius Schneider gives and interview on Communion in the hand.  If you do take Communion in the hand, please consider receiving Communion on the Tongue after watching this.

Fair & Balanced

Catholics who support abortion should not receive Communion, says Archbishop Burke

.- The prefect of the Apostolic Signature, Archbishop Raymond Burke, said this week that Catholics, especially politicians who publically defend abortion, should not receive Communion, and that ministers of Communion should be responsibly charitable in denying it to them if they ask for it, “until they have reformed their lives.”

In an interview with the magazine, Radici Christiane, Archbishop Burke pointed out that there is often a lack of reverence at Mass when receiving Communion. “Receiving the Body and Blood of Christ unworthily is a sacrilege,” he warned. “If it is done deliberately in mortal sin it is a sacrilege.”

To illustrate his point, he referred to “public officials who, with knowledge and consent, uphold actions that are against the Divine and Eternal moral law. For example, if they support abortion, which entails the taking of innocent and defenseless human lives. A person who commits sin in this way should be publicly admonished in such a way as to not receive Communion until he or she has reformed his life,” the archbishop said.

“If a person who has been admonished persists in public mortal sin and attempts to receive Communion, the minister of the Eucharist has the obligation to deny it to him. Why? Above all, for the salvation of that person, preventing him from committing a sacrilege,” he added.

“We must avoid giving people the impression that one can be in a state of mortal sin and receive the Eucharist,” the archbishop continued. “Secondly, there could be another form of scandal, consisting of leading people to think that the public act that this person is doing, which until now everyone believed was a serious sin, is really not that serious – if the Church allows him or her to receive Communion.”

“If we have a public figure who is openly and deliberately upholding abortion rights and receiving the Eucharist, what will the average person think? He or she could come to believe that it up to a certain point it is okay to do away with an innocent life in the mother’s womb,” he warned.

Archbishop Burke also noted that when a bishop or a Church leader prevents an abortion supporter from receiving Communion, “it is not with the intention of interfering in public life but rather in the spiritual state of the politician or public official who, if Catholic, should follow the divine law in the public sphere as well.”

“Therefore, it is simply ridiculous and wrong to try to silence a pastor, accusing him of interfering in politics so that he cannot do good to the soul of a member of his flock,” he stated.

It is “simply wrong” to think that the faith must be reduced to the private sphere and eliminated from public life, Archbishop Burke said, encouraging Catholics “to bear witness to our faith not only in private in our homes but also in our public lives with others in order to bear strong witness to Christ.”


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Penance First, Communion Second

Fr. William Casey discusses our need for Penance before we receive the Body & Blood of Christ in the Eucharist.

Cardinal Arinze on Kneeling


Its been a while since I’ved listened to the Cardinal Arinze podcast but I came across this video clip the other day and it is pertinate to the posts I’ve had on the reception of holy communion. I’ve always been a big fan of Cardinal Arinze. He always speaks with authority based on truth. Back in 2005 I was wondering if the Holy Spirit would select him as the next Vicar of Christ.

The sound and the audio in this video clip are a bit off so bear with lips moving that don’t match the sound as there is a bit of a delay.


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I Have The Matter In Hand - 2

Last Monday I put up a post with a quote about the reception of communion in the hand. It received the most comments of any post I have put up to date. Let me state once again before I go any further that I do not judge anyone who receives communion in the hand.