Are We In A Gigantic Monkey Trap?

So over the last 48 hours I’ve been reading up and watching a few videos on Fractional Banking and the Federal Reserve.  If you didn’t know the Federal Reserve is not a Federal entity.  It is a privately owned bank with a name that makes you think that it is part of the government, its

Money Is Debt

That money in your pocket represents someone else’s debt. 

Video: Fractional Banking

Update: I did some more research on fractional banking and found this next video.  If you have some time to watch it I think you’ll be amazed, its called The Money Masters. It even discusses Catholic Canon Code early on when discussing loaning money

My Favorite Non-Catholic Ministry

Dave Ramsey runs one of my favorite Non-Catholic ministries. As someone who spent much of their 20s over extending himself by drinking, gambling, “investing”, and trip taking Dave Ramsey and his biblical approach to money was an earthly savior to my finances. I took Dave’s Total Money Makeover class in May of 2007. With