Anne Rice Quits Christianity

Anne Rice, famous author of vampire stores and even a few on Jesus, evidently posted the following on her Facebook page

“In the name of Christ, I quit Christianity and being Christian” saying that she regarded Christians as “quarrelsome, hostile, disputatious, and deservedly infamous.” Rice also added she refuses to be “anti-gay, anti-feminist and anti-Democrat.”


3 Good Articles

Its been a while since I last posted.  I’ve been busy at work and last week I was swamped as a single parent.  Thankfully my wife is back from her trip.  Today during lunch I came across three good artcles that I think will interest you.

1. 12 Things Every Catholic Should Know About

Protests at Mass

Get ready folks this is a scene that I think will be coming to the US very soon if it hasn’t already.

……Protesters, led by town council member Dick Boonman and Gay Krant editor Henk Krol, distributed pink triangles with the word “Homo,” to be worn on the chest at Mass. The protest was

Open Homosexual on USCCB Catholic Healthcare Board?

Why would an open homosexual be on the USCCB Healthcare Board?

Bishop William Skylstad, Bishop of Spokane, Chairman* Bishop John McRaith, Bishop of Owensboro Bishop Joseph Sullivan, Auxiliary Bishop of Brooklyn* Fr. Michael Place, STD, President of the Catholic Health Association Sr. Jane Frances Brady, SC, Administrator, St. Joseph Hospital and Medical Center, Paterson,

Gay Marriage Bad, Irregular Marriages Okay?

So one of the latest controversies brewing in Washington D.C. is the D.C. city council is about to pass a law legalizing “gay” marriage.  As I understand it the Catholic Church currently partners & contracts with the city to provide services to those in need.  With the legalization of “gay” marriage in D.C. the

The Persecution is Coming? Or is it Already Here?

I posted this more than a year ago.

Since then both California & Maine have had ballot initiatives that beat back Gay Marriage for the 30th & 31st straight time where the people were allowed to vote on the issue.  But the defeat of gay marriage in both California & Maine took contributions from across the

Its Time To Wake Up People

Its time to wake up people. Be prepared to be persecuted for your faith. The culture clash is no longer around the corner its here. Civil Rights are quickly be replaced by Gay Rights and you will soon be considered by the majority a “bigot” for your beliefs.

Gay Rights, Religious Liberties: A

Gay Marriage

“Gay marriage”, which I’m pretty sure the term is now an oxymoron by the redefining of the word gay over the past 50 years, has been in the news quite a bit lately. The California Supreme court has recently stated, in a 4 to 3 decision (Thank You Lord for the 3), that the