Odiogo & Twitter

I just added the service Odiogo to my template so if you’d prefer to listen to my posts you can.  Just click on the Odiogo button underneath the post title labeled “Listen Now”

I also added my Twitter posts in the right hand margin.

Another Theme ~ All is Vanity

Once again I’m caught up in how the blog looks, Think I might have found a theme which I can use for a while and play around with the settings. My son is feeling better although I haven’t felt the best over the last two days. My wife and I had a nice 5th

Wordpress Theme

I’m still looking for the right WordPress Theme to use. Right now I’m using something called Regal. Its nice but I’m more of a Red guy. I’m also still in the process of categorizing and tagging all my old posts.  That may take a while after a few years of writting.  Boy that it

Moved to WordPress

I’m moving off Blogger & Joomla to WordPress.  I just imported all my articles tonight.  I will need to go back and ensure all the links and photos are working.  Comments could not be salvaged.